Hello, my name is Janice and just you wait, I will be the next big thing in Sex Therapy and research!

Just a bit about me to kick off the blog:

Sue Johansen is my idol, I watched her as a child and admired her knowledge and ease of which she spoke of sexual topics. As I got older, the interest I had in sexuality led me to do alot of independant research. With time, I realized most people didn't have the knowledge that I had aquired. I was a source of information for friends who had noone else to turn to for sexual knowledge.

When I became an adult, I was encouraged by my partner to persue my passion for helping others with sexual health issues. I have completed my B. A. in Psychology, and in September I will be taking the next step in my education. I hope to be a certified Sex Therapist in 4 years time and start accepting clients while I do my PhD.

For the time being, I figured I need to start getting myself out there. I will be updating the blog with things that interest me; wether they be my opinions, reviews on books I enjoyed, the latest in Sexology news, and anything in between relating to sexual health.

Feel free to email me with questions, if I can't answer them right away I will research the answers and get right back to you. I might as well say this now: I may touch on controversial topics such as Gay rights, female genital mutilation, and abortion. While I welcome anybody's opinion, I also ask that you respect mine. Everybody has a different opinion about everything, and while you may not necessarily agree with it, they are entitled to their opinion.

I hope you enjoy my blogs, i'm sure i'll enjoy writing them.

~Janice Lane

*Originally posted on May 11, 2011*