Just a few fun facts about sex, some you may know and some you may not. Reciting one of these facts can break an awkward silence.
‘Shrimping’ is a slang term for sucking on a partners’ toes, related to foot fetish.
In a 1970s Survey (conducted by who I’m not sure) it is stated that 5% of American men admitted to having a sexual encounter with an animal. Another national survey conducted by Morton Hunt found that 2% of women admitted the same. These numbers are lower than previous decades due to the drop of people living on farms. Bestiality has always been a part of our history, appearing in cave drawings, Greek pottery and Mongol paintings. Zoophiles are people who prefer animal partners to humans.
John Holmes was famous for his 14” erect penis, having starred in almost 2,000 porn films. He was beat by a man with the stage name of Long Dong Silver, whose penis was a reported 19” inches!!! Can I say on behalf of women everywhere: “OUCH”!
It is very possible for a man to have an orgasm without ejaculating. Taoists believed it builds up a man’s male essence and allowed him to absorb more female essence and Tantrics recommend it as a way to experience sex as a path to spiritual ecstasy. Medically it is called coitus reservatus, or retrograde ejaculation which means that the semen is expelled into the bladder and it can be learned through A LOT of practice, although medical experts would not recommend this. Another reason for no ejaculation may be that he’s all spermed out from a previous ejaculation. And yes, that is a technical word…because I say it is.
Renowned sex researchers Masters and Johnson observed more than 10,000 orgasms in their lab while researching human sexuality. Without this research we would not know nearly as much about the human sexual response that we know now. My hat is off to you brave pioneers.
One of the earliest manufacturers of condoms in the U.S. was a…(drumroll please)…sausage maker! (I’ll pause here and let you giggle for a bit). In the 1880s, New York sausage maker Julius Schmid believed in using every part of the animal, just like Native Americans. He used animal intestines to make the earliest condoms, not a very attractive product but it did the job until plastics and other materials came along.
Two species of Kangaroos have a forked penis, called a Bifurcated penis, meaning that there are two glans at the end of the shaft. This comes in handy, seeing as these species of female kangaroos have two separate lateral vaginal canals and two uteri (never thought you would have to pluralize that word, huh?) leading to just one vaginal opening.
I hope you learned a little something today, stay tuned for more entries in the near future.


*Originally posted on October 7, 2011*